About Us

The Greeley Company has a rich history of providing innovative consulting, education, outsourcing solutions, interim staffing, and external peer review to healthcare
organizations nationwide. We focus on contemporary needs and challenges related to medical staff optimization & physician engagement and alignment; accreditation &
regulatory compliance; quality, performance & safety; and credentialing & privileging.

Headquartered in the greater Boston area, The Greeley Company serves administrative and clinical teams in more than 500 healthcare organizations nationwide each year—ranging from the largest healthcare systems and academic medical centers to critical access rural hospitals.

Greeley’s unique approach and commitment to quality can result in marked improvements in efficiency, quality, compliance, cost reduction, revenue, patient
satisfaction, and staff engagement and satisfaction.

Our mission
The Greeley Company’s mission is to help healthcare organizations improve efficiency, comply with regulations and standards, achieve practitioner engagement and alignment, and excel in delivering high-quality, cost-effective patient care.

Our clients
Our clients include healthcare organizations of all sizes and types—from large, multi-setting healthcare systems and academic medical centers to critical access rural hospitals. We work with clinical and administrative individuals and teams across the entire organization including physicians, executives, directors, managers, and frontline staff.

Our advisors and staff
The Greeley Company is proud to provide its clients with a dedicated team of advisors who bring valuable experience and rich backgrounds as former hospital, nurse, and physician executives, as former “Big 4” consultants, and as former regulatory surveyors. Our professionals understand your pain and provide the breadth and depth of preparation, training, and education needed to drive success. Behind our advisors stands a dedicated team of management and support staff, committed to ensuring the highest level of customized attention and client fulfillment.