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With more than 200 full-time and independent healthcare leaders, medical services professionals, and consultants, Greeley is an industry leader in developing solutions to help propel the evolution of medical staff services. Working with chief medical officers, medical services professional leaders, and hospital administrators gives us a unique perspective. We appreciate their myriad pressures, goals, and strategic imperatives and are well positioned to increase the MSSD’s value by improving physician satisfaction and increasing operational performance.

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Steve Macarthur

Meet Steve MacArthur, Senior Consultant

During my tenure in safety operations prior to joining Greeley, I experienced consultants that would identify compliance issues, but offer no support in managing those compliance issues in a manner that was sustainable. When I started with Greeley, the promise I made to my clients and myself was that I would do everything I could to help clients operationalize compliance in a sustainable way.

Justine Spinosi

Meet Justine Spinosi, Consultant

Being a people person, I am extremely grateful for all the dynamic, creative, and intelligent people I get to work with on a daily basis. These interactions have fostered a solid foundation for helping clients resolve their issues. I thrive on developing, coaching, engaging, and leading teams to shape next-generation systems.

Kim Wilson

Meet Kim Wilson, Senior Consultant

As an ICU nurse, I understand better than many the significant burden that bedside nurses face on a daily basis. That understanding has pushed me to decrease nurse workloads in any way possible. My favorite projects include policy simplification and clinical documentation simplification because I’ve been able to significantly reduce the amount of documentation burden by simplifying processes, EMR documentation, and workflow.

Greg Borek

Meet Brian Borek, Director of Interim Staffing

The individuals I spoke with about Greeley before deciding to join the firm were all really passionate about the quality of the work done. Everybody loved what they did, that really impressed me, and I jumped at the chance to join this family.

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