Interim Staffing Solutions

Interim Staffing Solutions

Tap Top Talent as You Operate, Optimize, and Transform

Healthcare organizations are under tremendous strain as the market for talent becomes increasingly competitive. We help clinical, business, and administrative leaders advance mission-critical initiatives by providing just-in-time access to highly skilled, professionally vetted leaders and staff.

Our recruitment team comprises administrative leaders who have previously led healthcare departments, who consult with healthcare clients every day on improvement initiatives, and who understand the complexities of navigating a healthcare organization.

Ready to make a big impact? Become a member of our national network of experienced executives and staff-level professionals.

Our Interim Staffing Solutions

C-Suite Executives

Each member of the C-Suite plays a distinct and critical role in executing a healthcare organization’s strategy. Our interim C-level executives (CMOs, CNOs, CIOs, CSIO, CMIO, etc.) can help drive forward key strategies on both the business and clinical side, as well as manage staff, spearhead innovation, and provide outside expertise.

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Quality and Risk Management

Quality and risk management practices are under greater scrutiny than ever before. Whether you have a gap in peer review, compliance, infection control or quality and performance roles, we can help.

Medical Services Professionals

MSPs are mission-critical to navigating the operational complexities that exist in today’s healthcare. Our interim MSPs—at the leadership and staff levels—can help clear applications, shift to a new system, audit for compliance, implement a paperless environment, gear up for reappointments, and countless other activities that contribute to patient safety, quality, and the bottom line.

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Information & Technology Professionals

Healthcare organizations must harness effective data, analytics, and informatics platforms to deliver intelligent care. Our interim I&T professionals have the skills to help optimize solutions aligned with strategic priorities to drive business value.

Revenue Cycle Professionals

Dramatic changes in the healthcare industry over the past several years require the next set of solutions to transform revenue cycle operations. Our interim revenue cycle professionals have the depth of experience to help execute forward-thinking approaches and best practices.

Activate a multidimensional workforce strategy to avoid operational disruption and support critical initiatives.

Given current recruitment timelines, an interim staffing placement often mitigates the loss of $20-30k or more (depending on salary) in production value.

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