Case Study

From Underperforming to Powerhouse: How a Multi-Hospital Health System Operationalized High-Performing Medical Staff Services

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The Client Challenge

When a multi-hospital health system faced multiple regulatory challenges, it recognized the need to enhance their Medical Staff Services operation. The staff supported several entities under the organization’s umbrella including a 550-bed acute care hospital, trauma center, and children’s hospital, all located on two campuses in Orange County, CA.

The organization teamed with Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions (Chartis Clinical Quality) to transform Medical Staff Services through outsourcing the entirety of the functions managed by the department.

  • Credentialing application turnaround time
  • Privileging
  • Reappointments
  • Optimization of technology
  • Regulatory compliance

The Solution

Working in tandem with the organization’s Chief Medical Officer, Chartis Clinical Quality developed a comprehensive improvement plan that began with a broad-based assessment of regulatory and accreditation issues, credentialing and privileging processes, technology use, data integrity, and compliance with existing policies and procedures. Findings illuminated key priorities and drove the development of improvement goals that could be measured against established metrics and timelines.

Optimizing the organization’s technology capabilities moved credentialing and privileging processes from a paper-based function to a fully electronic, automated system. Standardized criteria and streamlined processes were implemented to improve turnaround time. Close adherence to the organization’s faith-based mission and culture enabled Chartis Clinical Quality to collaboratively address and resolve Medical Staff performance and quality issues.

Our Approach



Conduct deep analysis of processes, procedures, technology, and culture



Establish improvement priorities and goals



Utilize untapped technology and automation to streamline and standardize



Redesign and provide oversight to ensure quality



Adhere to mission and culture to improve trust



Measure and monitor success metrics

Client Impact

Chartis Clinical Quality’s implementation of a modernized and efficient Medical Staff Services function resulted in improved medical staff satisfaction, decreased credentialing turnaround time, and increased efficiency. Development and implementation of new credentialing policies and procedures met all compliance requirements and industry standards with no issues identified by regulatory and accrediting bodies.

The development of a Medical Staff Services Operations Manual coupled with training specific to credentialing, privileging, and risk management techniques further improved Medical Staff Services’ outcomes.

The streamlining of reappointments achieved consistent distribution of work. Increased collaboration across the organization supported standardization of processes that ultimately improved trust and ensured medical staff operations were aligned with the organization’s mission and commitment to quality. An extended outsourcing arrangement was developed to continue momentum and drive ongoing success.

Outsourced Medical Staff Services achieved improvements that dramatically transformed outcomes.

Physicians and Practitioners Seamlessly Credentialed On Time

100 %

Departmental Privileges Criteria Based

< 21

Days Application Processing Turnaround Time

How We Are Making Healthcare Better

Outsourcing our Medical Staff Services department functions to [Chartis Clinical Quality] allowed me to sleep at night. ”

Health Organization
Chief Medical Officer

Key Takeaways

The transformation of Medical Staff Services through outsourcing can be achieved by:
  • Teaming with credentialing and privileging experts
  • Implementing systems, processes, and functions that provide continuous regulatory compliance and best practice approaches
  • Measuring and monitoring performance to ensure long-term success
  • Optimizing technology and redesigning workflow

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