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Over the past decade, more than a quarter of US hospitals faced the threat of Medicare termination due to EMTALA citations. Each violation carries potential fines of more than $100,000 and far larger civil judgements brought by injured parties. 

This webinar features real-world case studies and practical approaches for how healthcare leaders can address the challenges presented by EMTALA and related regulatory and accreditation requirements. Key learning points included: 

  • Develop strategies to meet the challenges that came to light during the pandemic, including staffing shortages and the increase of patient psychiatric conditions 
  • Identify successful approaches for coping with long waits for emergency department care and the challenges associated with boarded inpatients 

  • Clarify what it means to stabilize the patient or resolve an emergency medical condition

  • Recognize the important differences between lateral and higher-level-of-care transfers

  • Jesse Neil, Partner, Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP
  • Lisa Eddy, Vice President, Clinical Compliance and High Reliability, Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions
  • Bud Pate, Vice President, Content and Learning, Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions

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