Hidden Obstacles and Sticky Wickets: Environment of Care, Life Safety, and Emergency Management

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Continuing the return to a sense of normalcy and emerging from the pandemic made 2023 a uniquely challenging year across healthcare and certainly no more than in the management of the physical environment. As the various regulatory and accrediting agencies resume regular survey activities, the focus returns to organizations’ continuous readiness programs. And, with expansion of requirements relating to workplace violence and emergency management into behavioral health and outpatient care locations, 2024 promises to be even more of a compliance challenge. 

At Chartis, we want to keep you up to speed on regulatory requirements and emerging trends as much as possible to ensure safe practice as well as compliance.  This webinar will focus on several areas of the physical environment that we are seeing in the field as we review 2023 and move into 2024.  Join us to learn more about what has transpired this past year, areas in which we recommend attention and focus, and rising trends that will require awareness in 2024.  A few of these areas include: 

  • Update on Physical Environment Accreditation Concerns  

    • Life Safety Code compliance 

    • Behavioral Health Environment 

    • Infection Control and the Care Environment 

  • Analyzing the coming survey season  

  • Compliance strategies to consider  

For all attendees, a special offer will be announced at the conclusion of the webinar.

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