Reducing Burden: What Clinical Documentation Is Required vs. Self-Imposed

Clinical Quality Insights

The amount of clinical documentation and the undue burden it puts on already stressed nursing staff can be overwhelming at times. But how much of that burden is actually required? Is there a way to simplify clinical documentation and still meet regulatory requirements? If you find yourself answering the question, “Why do we have to document that,” by responding, "Because Joint Commission requires us to," then this webinar is for you. At Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions, we believe in simplifying documentation as much as possible to both maintain safe practice and compliance. This webinar will focus on four prioritized areas that are commonly overburdensome and can be simplified to give nurses time back at the bedside. Join us to learn more about common misperceptions of requirements and self-imposed documentation requirements in the following areas:

  • Nursing Admission Assessment
  • Restraint Documentation by Shift Attestation
  • PRN Medication Assessment and Reassessment
  • Block Charting for Titratable Medications

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