Survey Smarts: Looking Forward to 2023

Clinical Quality Insights

Healthcare organizations found 2022 to be a very challenging survey year. Increasingly complex patient loads, the financial strain of contracting for personnel, orienting large numbers of new hires at the point of care service, and the impact of deferred medical interventions have contributed to an uptick in adverse state, CMS, and accreditation findings.

“Immediate threat” situations are becoming commonplace. It is more important than ever to get ahead of the curve by anticipating and effectively addressing the handful of issues that cause most of our survey-related stress.

  • Understand the leading causes of “immediate threat” and “condition-level” findings.
  • View 2022 and 2023 from the perspective of the survey agencies. What would YOU do?
  • Implement simple and effective approaches to new and emerging requirements.
  • Expect the unexpected during surveys by learning where to focus your energy and effort before the regulators appear at your door.

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