Workplace violence techniques: Engagement & de-escalation tips

Clinical Quality Insights

August 15, 2024

10:00-11:00 a.m. PT | 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET

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Violence has always been a very real part of healthcare, from the front lines in the emergency department to the executive suite. Violence continues to peak in the wake of COVID. OSHA, CMS, Joint Commission and others have recognized this trend and have re-emphasized the importance of making nurses, physicians and others in the front lines of healthcare be as prepared and safe as possible. This webinar will provide a high-level overview of what regulators and accreditors expect when it comes to this all-important issue.

We will be discussing:

  • Methods that increase, decrease, and hinder patient engagement
  • Understanding the red flags of your psychiatric population
  • Behavioral emergencies and codes of conduct
  • Our roles in de-escalation and core beliefs when dealing with aggressive populations
  • Balancing customer service expectations and actions to avoid
  • Tactics and impacts of verbal de-escalation
  • Understanding the scope, symptoms, and interventions of mental illness
  • Organizing and maintain a responsive and effective survey command center
  • Working with operational leadership to continuously identify and mitigate survey vulnerabilities
  • Maintaining excellent working relationships with survey agencies as they collaborate to sustain compliant practices in the face of almost insurmountable challenges
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Workplace violence techniques: Engagement & de-escalation tips

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