Physician-Hospital Alignment

Physician Hospital Alignment

Improve Quality, Reduce Costs, Grow Market Share

Healthcare organizations cannot deliver on the imperatives to improve quality, reduce costs, and grow market share without resolving legacy physician challenges such as opposing agendas, lack of strategic alignment, low trust, and conflict. Our Physician-Hospital Alignment practice provides solutions to optimize the performance of private practice and employed physician groups, service lines, the hospital, and healthcare system by aligning the interests of physicians, hospitals, and patients.

Our Physician-Hospital Alignment Capabilities

Physician Hospital Alignment

Physician Employment Optimization

We work with clients to optimize physician employment. Through best-in-class tools, proven performance and accountability solutions, and extensive expertise turning conflict into partnering, we implement sustainable change so that employed physicians function as aligned partners with their employer.

Physician Hospital Alignment

Service Line Optimization and Co-Management

We work with clients to facilitate service line creation and optimization. Using our proprietary Effective Service Line Model, clients optimize six areas of focus for each service line: structure, processes, practitioner performance, culture, leadership, and results. When appropriate, we facilitate the development of a service line co-management arrangement, bringing in skilled negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution, diplomacy, trust-building, and legal expertise to achieve breakthrough levels of collaboration and engagement.

Physician Hospital Alignment

Clinical Transformation Leadership

Whether it is redesigning Medical Executive Committee (MEC) agendas to be more strategically focused, restructuring MEC membership to include service line leaders, or creating a new structure such as a Clinical Transformation Leadership Council, we work with clients to create forums for more effective physician-hospital partnering.

Physician Hospital Alignment

Conflict Resolution and Trust Building

Conflict in healthcare is natural and unavoidable. Whether it's at an individual level or group to group, even medical staff to hospital, we help resolve conflict and build trust. Based on extensive experience as an impartial third-party, we systematically and empathetically develop and facilitate implementation of a step-by-step roadmap to de-escalate conflict, rebuild trust, and develop and achieve a shared vision of success.

We worked with [Chartis Clinical Quality Solutions] to develop highly strategic co-management agreements across three of our most important service lines: neurosurgery, cardiology (employed) and orthopedics. In each case, [Chartis Clinical Quality] and a trusted law firm facilitated an exceptionally effective interest-based negotiation process between the physicians and Baptist Memorial, ultimately producing legally compliant agreements that now bring great value to our system, increase physician satisfaction, and turn conflict into true partnering. ”

Paul DePriest, MD
Executive VP and COO, Baptist Memorial Health Care

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